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121-MODULAR is a wireless Bluetooth dongle, which allows hands-free, full duplex encrypted communication with another Bluetooth device. This can be another dongle, 121-HIGH NOISE headset or practically any other Bluetooth device.

The 121-MODULAR dongle provides a QD (Quick Disconnect) connection to a wired system to provide a wireless link to another device. 121-MODULAR dongles can be paired to each other to provide a full duplex link between 2 people over a distance of 150 meters. Many different styles of headset can be quickly connected to the 121-MODULAR dongle to facilitate most working environments.

No buttons to push and hold in when talking, simply turn the dongles ON and carry on working. The FULL DUPLEX feature allows both operators to talk to each other at the same time, just like talking on the phone.

Key features of 121-MODULAR:-

  • Up to 150 meters (490 feet) range from dongle to dongle or headset
  • Pairs of dongles (or devices) will not interfere with other dongles or headsets working in the same area
  • Total hands-free communication
  • Flashing LED indicates dongle to dongle or headset are in operation
  • Dongle supplied with AA re-chargeable batteries
  • Dongle can be charged via external socket
  • FCC, CE and EMC approved
  • 121-MODULAR


121-MODULAR dongle




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